Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions or concerns about advertising on Here are the answers to frequently asked questions or contact us at:

No! is a marketplace for sell, buy or rent properties in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro.
Yes! For more information on the conditions and manner of cooperation, send an inquiry via our contact form: CONTACT
You can see all prices and types of ads here: Price list

1.Register and open your “Account” here – Register.

2.On the home page of your account you have a link where you can buy one of the ad packages.
Click on the link and follow the instructions!

3.After payment, click on the right at the top, red button “Post Your Ad” and add your ads!

4.You can update and refine your ads for free and translate into languages
(Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, English, German and Russian)

5.In order for your ads to be active without interruption, it is necessary before expiration,
1 to 3 days to buy a new package. We will notify you by email 2-3 days before the expiration.

6.After your subscription expires, your ads will not be deleted!
Just buy a new package and your ads will be activated again.

7.In case of need for help or technical support
contact us here: CUSTOMER SUPPORT

The advertisement can be paid exclusively with PayPal and MASTERCARD or VISA Credit Cards. Follow the instructions when submitting your ads!
Click here: Post Your Ad and follow the instructions!
No! You can send the ad only through our online form! Click here: Post Your Ad
Yes! You can change the ad for free! Go to your account and edit your ads.
Yes! Any deletion of ads is possible at any time. Go to your account and delete your ads.
Once your ad or one of the subscription packages expires, your ads will not be deleted! Just purchase a new ad or ad package and your ads will automatically be reactivated. ADS or ADVERTISING MEMBERSHIP (monthly subscriptions) can be purchased here: ADS and MEMBERSHIP
Please use our Form here: CONTACT