Business hall in Bihać along the main road and along the coast

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  • Bihać, Federation, Bosnia Herzegovina
2.440.000 (Fixed)

Business hall for sale in Bihać New building, located along the main highway M5 Bihać-Sarajevo from the front, while the rear of the plot overlooks the banks of the river Una. It is located on the site of the urban zone of the Pritoka settlement on a plot of 6047 m2, which is a regular rectangular shape. The location is at the entrance to the City of Bihać from the direction of Bosanski Petrovac near several business facilities, the future airport in Bihać and gas stations. The railway is only 5 KM away, the hospital-ambulance 2.5 KM, while the city center is only 4 kilometers away and the border crossing Izačić is 18.5 KM away. The basic characteristics of the business hall of the building whose dimensions are approximately 40 × 40 are as follows: Basement of 1968 m2, Ground floor of 1946 m2, Floor 1232 m2 and Attic of 461 m2 which totals 5 607 m2 of business hall-building. In addition to the main building, an auxiliary building of 225 m2 was built. Parking for several motor vehicles is provided, as well as access to heavy trucks, telecommunications, central heating (boiler room, wood stove and heater system), water-City water supply, sewerage (City sewerage network), septic tank and waste separator. water. In the basement there is an elevator – freight elevator 3 × 3 meters with a capacity of 3.5 tons, which goes to all floors of the building. The exterior surfaces of the building are covered with “DEMIT” facade as a thermal insulator sprayed with terracotta as a finish while the facade walls are made of PU panels. The interior walls and ceilings are plastered, while the floor coverings are made with non-slip ceramic tiles and PVC-based self-leveling floors. The carpentry is PVC with thermal insulation glass. The building has a hydrant network with 16 wall hydrants and 29 hand-held fire extinguishers. Own substation with a capacity of 150 kw while all access roads are paved with a huge number of parking spaces. Proper construction documentation, travel consent and use permit for the facility have been provided. The facility was built in 2003 and is suitable for production and the buyer can change the purpose of the facility according to their needs. Due to its location and direct access to the Una River, it could be planned as a tourist destination with a hotel due to its location and natural resources available to the USC Canton and the City of Bihać. The property is tidy, immediately translatable and not burdened with anything. A challenge for all serious investors. A special benefit is a very reasonable price of 850 KM per square meter. 5607 m2 x 850 km2. The old price was 1000 KM per square meter. TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY….
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