Order-Buy: Banner-Ad

Banner ads are placed in different positions of the website in the form of a static image or animation, different sizes with a link to specific web pages! An advertiser may post any content that may be posted online. Rotating on specific pages.

The creation of the Banner-Ads is free of charge and may only be used on our website!

You can see the price list for Banner Ads here: Price list


How to order a Banner-Ad?

    if you have enter the URL of your website e.g.www.my-website.com

    Details about your Banner-Ad:

    all ads are for 30 days from the date of publication!

    the link that the banner should contain to a particular page, e.g.www.my-website.com/xxxx/

    How the ad should look like, content, text, colors, etc.? in a few sentences!



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